Salesforce: Adding specific working days to a Date

Many time while coding we come across the requirement in which we need to calculate the EndDate from a StartDate after a specific number of business/working days. That means excluding the weekends (Saturday & Sunday) Following is the code snippet which does this. I know there can be an optimized way of doing this. But I didn’t want to spend more time on this.

Below method takes date and number of working days to be added to the date.

Method daysOff calculates the number of non-working days coming in the start date and end date. And after which we are again adding those number of days.

6 thoughts on “Salesforce: Adding specific working days to a Date”

  1. Hi

    After adding daysOff to the endDate what if the date comes out to be a weekend?
    You’ve not handled that situaution.

  2. Hi If I want to exclude Fri and Sat as weekends and modify this formula so that it calculates the number of working days instead of a date, what changes do I need to make to this formula?

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