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  • Error: ‘google’ is undefined in IE8

    While using the Google Api forOrg chart generation I came across the error “‘google’ is undefined” when i was testing it in IE 8 browser. The same code was working fine in Mozilla FireFox . Google the error was not able to find solution.  After lots of searching fixed it by doing a small one character change […]

  • Google Docs will allow to store and update all types of file

    Google Docs will be supporting all types of the file uploads upto size of 250MB. Overall it will provide upto 1GB space. This will bring down the various problems which occurs during sending mails with large attachments. Google says This makes it easy to backup more of your key files online, from large graphics and raw […]

  • Google Offers Free DNS Servers

    Google has once again stepped up and is now offering another free service to make our lives more efficient. The search giant announced today that they will now be offering DNS servers for the public at no cost. This comes in addition to the multitude of services already offered by Google, such as Gmail, Google Voice […]

  • Multiple email addresses for one gmail account

    Let’s say that I have a gmail address: prasu@gmail.com Now if I am signing up for a newsletter at XYZ Corp. I can register with the email address prasu+xyz@gmail.com You can put in any extra alphanumeric information after the plus sign and it still gets delivered to prasu@gmail.com. Furthermore you can apply a filter in Gmail […]

  • Google Thinks Twitter Is…

    So…Google thinks Twitter is…retarded? over capacity? down? useless? lame? pointless? slow? a waste of time?What do you think Twitter is? Copied from here.

  • Google Labs: Closure Tools

    Web applications have evolved from simple HTML pages into rich, interactive applications that provide a great user experience. Today’s web apps pose a challenge for developers, however: how do you create and maintain efficient JavaScript code that downloads quickly and works across different browsers? The Closure tools help developers to build rich web applications with […]

  • Google flu trends

    How does this work? Google have found that certain search terms are good indicators of flu activity. Google Flu Trends uses aggregated Google search data to estimate current flu activity around the world in near real-time. Each week, millions of users around the world search for health information online. As you might expect, there are […]

  • Google's Programming Language

    Go was born out of frustration with existing languages and environments for systems programming. Programming had become too difficult and the choice of languages was partly to blame. One had to choose either efficient compilation, efficient execution, or ease of programming; all three were not available in the same mainstream language. Programmers who could were […]

  • Chrome OS

    Chrome OS is a lightweight Linux distribution based on Debian that uses a lot of open-source software: Host AP Linux drivers, PAM (an authentication mechanism), Syslinux (a lightweight bootloader), IBus (Intelligent Input Bus for Linux / Unix OS), ConnMan(Internet connection manager), XScreenSaver and other software. More on this later. The source code for Chrome OS is already available. Chrome, the foundation of […]