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First off all let me tell you one thing don’t go on my looks…. and same will be the first suggestion from most of my friends for you.. I may not b as you predict. It’s very hard to judge me, how I m and what I m. M simply an unpredictable person. You may end with wrong results if tried to understand me, m sure about that. Trying R&D on me will be useless thing to do. I am Prasanna Deshpande. Like to be called as Prasann still frnds call me by various names like prasu, anna, sanna, pasu, press-anna.. anything they want…n I really don’t mind by that…. M a Computer Engineer, a techno savvy, a bike lover, net lover n much much more…. Don’t want to write bio data here as its not that impressive to showcase. I believe life should be big, it need not to be long to enjoy….Want to die with a bang….


Many of the ideas and instructions on this site were designed out of necessity, and many use unsupported pieces of the Salesforce.com platform. Things that I discuss here may break with upgrades or patches to the platform.

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  1. Nicely described yourself!!

  2. wah wah wah prasanna mast hai

  3. Thank you Anoopji!

  4. Hi Thanks for your solution ..

  5. Hi Prasu – can you recommend any good books for a beginner in apex coding and test methods. I just was put on this project with no knowledge of apex coding or test methods

  6. Hello Prasanna,

    I have seen your blog. it’s nice to know that you are doing a tech social service by suggesting good solutions. i work for a cloud data security company in Hyderabad, India. Just wanted to know whether you will be interested to come for an interview here. I am the technical writer in this company.

  7. Good Blog 🙂

  8. Thank you !! 🙂

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